NYU A&S was revising their digital presence and challenged us to revive the iconic brand

This exercise was one that took into consideration more target audiences than most other projects, including NYU as a whole. Having just revised their digital branding, Arts & Science was the first school given the opportunity to implement these new standards. An almost blank slate to create a design which takes the best of the school and presents it in a way that is engaging as well as an inherently social experience.


ENTIRELY dynamic experience

We delivered a digital product for the NYU Arts & Science which make it easy for them to author new content as it is created to tell a comprehensive story of the entire academic community. By enabling the users to create their own highly personalized, one-of-a-kind NYU A&S experience based on their selection of which of the three colleges or 110 departments and programs they are interested in. 




Agency: Olson
Role: Art Director / Lead Designer
Interactive Strategy - Marissa Beatty, User Experience Manager - Buck Winfield, Creative Director - Josh Jones