Nexium was becoming available over-the-counter and wanted to make a splash in the summer and fall following the lanuch 

My team and I focused on the target audience that was most likely to use the new product and which had the largest opportunity for positioning. We focused our strategy on our audiences leisure interests, finding what reached the largest percentage of our audience, and what fit in our "90 days from launch" time frame. We positioned Nexium as heartburn relief for a more active young Boomer, who places a higher priority on sharing time and experiences with people they care about and where food plays a positive, never gluttonous, role.


Preparation & Protection

Focusing on the Nexium recommended 14-day regimen and the overall heartburn protection it provides we aligned the brand with three of the most recognizable properties in the nation as well as one of the biggest family events during the summer and fall season. Our multi-tiered activation content calendar allows us to keep Nexium top-of-mind throughout the launch and gives us the flexibility to extend the campaign long after. 

Major League Baseball

  • The Home Run Derby provides a huge platform with pre-event media starting around the Fourth of July holiday.
  • There is a natural tie to MLB catchers via the home plate protection angle.
  • MLB's extended seasonality and daily game schedule provide opportunity to continually reinforce key messages.


  • NASCAR is the highest indexing sport for the target audience
  • Reinforces the idea of protection with on-track sponsorship and speed with car and driver sponsorship.
  • It is a more refined approach to auto racing compared to Prilosec.

Fox Pre-Game

  • FOX pre-game works across all our target sports.
  • Aligns Nexium with recognizable personalities without separate endorsement deals.
  • Provides a platform to integrate messaging around the 14-day regimen recommended by Nexium.


Agency: The Richards Group
Role: Art Director
Creative Directors - Mike Malone & Brian Nadurak