CReating awareness for the open 
enrollment period 
across north carolina

To help Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina begin their 2015 open enrollment awareness we thought of ways to connect with the public at every possible touchpoint. These tactics were all centered around a web community anchored by healthcare experts who provide valuable insights into changes within the health insurance industry. 


Educate, Engage & Enroll

My team's goal is to integrate recommended campaign elements with existing tactics to reinforce and amplify the Blue value proposition. The campaign will run on a mix of digital, ambient, and direct tactics in combination with BCBSNC’s existing earned, social, and owned media to amplify reach. On the back end, we’ll use analytics to measure and evolve the campaign as it goes along.


Our digital campaign will be lead with homepage take-overs on some of our North Carolina's most heavily trafficked websites. All banner units will have real-time quote generation and feature the iconic North Carolina legend associated with the number in the countdown.

Our out-of-home strategy utilizes digital billboards across North Carolina giving us the ability to showcase iconic North Carolina legends for each day in the countdown.

As the enrollment deadline get closer we will use some of the interactive out-of-home touch-screens in downtown Charlotte allow people to get real-time expert advice. BCBS experts will be at the ready to Skype with people to answer any questions they may have and help get them enrolled. People will also have to opportunity to get a quote, get an overview of all BCBS health care tools, and join in the Health Care Roundtable conversation to see what other people have found helpful. 

One of the most popular North Carolina icons is Duke men's basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski. As part of our activation BCBS will help cover the student who camp out for Duke basketball tickets in Krzyzewski-ville. Our street team will be on hand to help student's with questions about health care enrollment and provide them with various giveaways and contests for tickets so they can get back to their classes. 

To kick off the enrollment countdown BCBS will host a seminar featuring health care experts from the BCBS North Carolina network as well as thought leaders from across the country. The education for customers won't end after the seminar thought. Our experts and leaders will author new relevant content for the BCBS website and respond to questions form the Health Care Roundtable.

The BCBS open enrollment starter kit provides customers with everything the might need to get a basic understanding about recent changes in health care and how to get in-touch with a BCBS professional.

Building on their current brand equity with the national, health-focused “Live Fearless” initiative, the North Carolina specific “We’ve Got North Carolina Covered” campaign builds on that awareness and establishes BCBSNC as the local leader. This integrated campaign will prioritize a sense of urgency for customers to take action and renew or enroll, especially around key deadlines, while providing content that informs and inspires by relating health insurance to iconic North Carolina legends. 


Agency: Olson
Role: Art Director / Lead Designer
Interactive Strategy and Planning Lead - Jen Gardner, Copywriter - Kate Manegold