This concept digitized the entire Certified Pre-Owned process top to bottom giving the Audi technicians and management team the same sort of technology that is contained in the vehicles. We created a hassle-free solution which helps with internal communication, tracking of progress, and managerial approvals. 

AUDI USA needed a
process that was worthy of the vehicles for which it was created



We took advantage of the various tools within the OS of mobile devices to help push the approval process forward. Push notifications are sent up and down the work flow whenever tasks are completed or assigned. Utilizing cameras to scan the vehicle VIN numbers, the form will self populated with available data from both Audi and Carfax APIs. Push notifications are paramount in being able to let management know when their technicians complete tasks. 


To help facilitate communication across the dealership we use push-notifications on all devices so technicians and management can make approvals easily and efficiently.

Using cameras on phones and tablets lets technicians scan the vehicle VIN to access a history report, check the current status of it's approval process, or determine if it will meet the strict requirements to begin the certified pre-owned evaluation. 

This new electronic Certificated Pre-owned process is one that captures important data efficiently and effectively with out much change in the current process. Which means ease of implementation for a quick uptick in production so that Audi dealerships can focus on delivering a superior customer experience for all Audi owners.


Agency: Olson
Role: Art Director
 / Lead Designer
Partners: Art Director - Davor Serbic, UX/UI Lead - Terry Peters